GCSB and NZSIS Diversity and Inclusion launch

The GCSB and NZSIS believe that to succeed against increasingly complex and global threats, it must develop a dynamic, agile workforce that reflects diversity in its widest context.

That includes, but is not limited to, ethnicity, culture heritage, gender, age, religion, language skills, differing abilities, sexual orientation, gender identification, ideas and perspectives. We also need to ensure that the different perspectives that come with diversity are valued and harnessed.

Through diversity and inclusion we gain the varied perspectives needed to tackle complex issues and to come up with innovative solutions.

The GCSB and NZSIS, is working to implement the agencies' joint Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Having a diverse workforce is central to our success and we look forward to the day when we can say we have achieved - He waka eke noa - a canoe which we are all in with no exception.