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The New Zealand Intelligence Community (NZIC) is a community of government agencies working together to build a safer and more prosperous New Zealand. We are people who are committed to doing beyond ordinary work everyday to keep New Zealanders safe. We protect and enhance our country's interests here and overseas. We investigate, we analyse, we advise.

We defend and protect critical information infrastructures and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of government information.  We also collect and analyse foreign intelligence relevant to New Zealand’s interests, and assist other New Zealand government agencies to carry out their legislatively mandated functions.

We have staff in a range of roles, including cyber security specialists, engagement managers, analysts, technology experts and corporate staff.

We investigate and counter threats to New Zealand’s security, such as terrorism, violent extremism and espionage.  We also provide protective security advice to protect New Zealand’s people, information and assets.

We have staff in a range of roles, including investigators, case officers, analysts, linguists, technology experts and corporate staff.

The Security and Intelligence Group within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) produces intelligence assessments on events and developments, that bear on New Zealand's interests that help to inform government decision making.

DPMC is also responsible for promoting excellence in intelligence analysis across the New Zealand government.



Working within the New Zealand Intelligence Community provides opportunities which can only be described as BEYOND ORDINARY

Mission: Work with a purpose at the heart of national security

Work: Work you wouldn't get to do anywhere else

Days: No two days are the same

People: Diverse, talented and committed to making a difference for our country - ordinary people doing  BEYOND ORDINARY things

Careers: A career pathway across a community without the need to change employers

Join us and become part of a Community where your skills, experiences and ideas are valued and you're encouraged to be curious, to share your ideas and of course, have fun along the way

We have opportunities for smart, insightful, articulate, inquisitive, and intuitive people who like working as a team - and who love a challenge

We have a wide range of specialist, corporate and leadership roles

You must be eligible to work in New Zealand and be confident a security check over your last 15 years won't hold you back 

Join our community and help protect our country. Become BEYOND ORDINARY with us.