Three agencies form the core of the NZIC: the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB); the National Assessments Bureau (NAB) within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC); and the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS).  

The New Zealand Defence Force also has intelligence capabilities in the Directorate of Defence Intelligence, in Geoint New Zealand as well as in the individual services. A range of other New Zealand government departments and agencies have intelligence units, notably New Zealand Police, the New Zealand Customs Service, and Immigration New Zealand. The core NZIC works with these other intelligence units, and the wider New Zealand government sector, to ensure the security of New Zealand and promote New Zealand’s interests.

On 6 October 2014 the government announced (external link) changes to the Security and Intelligence oversight. This included the creation of a new role of Minister for National Security and Intelligence, held by the Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key. The role of Minister Responsible for the GCSB and Minister in Charge of the NZSIS are held by the Attorney-General, Hon Christopher Finlayson.

Securing New Zealand's Future

Protecting and advancing our national security

The outputs of the intelligence and security agencies need to be focused on protecting New Zealand from harm and providing New Zealand decision-makers with unique and otherwise inaccessible information that is timely, useful and relevant.

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Government Communications Security Bureau

Te Tira Tiaki

GCSB ensures the integrity and confidentiality of government information, collects foreign intelligence bearing on New Zealand’s interests, and assists other New Zealand government agencies to discharge their legislatively mandate

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New Zealand Security Intelligence Service

Te Pā Whakamarumaru

NZSIS investigates threats to New Zealand’s national security, collects foreign intelligence, and provides a range of protective security advice and services to the New Zealand Government.

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National Assessments Bureau

Te Ranga Tātari Take

NAB produces intelligence assessments on events and developments that bear on New Zealand’s interests to help inform government decision making. NAB is also responsible for promoting excellence in intelligence analysis across the New Zealand government.

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